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Phlebotomy Technician

Anatomical Site Selection and Patient Preparation (Blood Cultures, Arterial Punctures, and Ports/Vascular Devices)

Cost of course : $29.99

CEUs earned upon successful completion : 2


This course will cover proper patient preparation and site selection in regards to blood culture collection, arterial puncture and ports and vascular access devices.

Upon successful completion of this course you will earn 2 Continuing Education Units.

You will be able to print your certificate immediately upon completion. The cost of this CDPH-LFS accredited course is $29.99.


  • State the primary reason for performing an arterial puncture procedure.
  • Identify the sites that can be used for arterial puncture, the criteria used for the selection of the site, and the advantages and disadvantages of each site.
  • List the additional equipment and supplies needed for arterial puncture.
  • Describe patient assessment and preparation procedures.
  • Explain the performance of the Allen test, its purpose, define what constitutes a positive or negative result, and give the procedure to follow for either result.
  • List the correct order of steps in performing arterial blood gas collection on both an artery and a capillary site.
  • List complications associated with arterial puncture, identify factors that may affect the integrity of the blood gas sample, and describe the criteria for sample rejection.
  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using liquid and lyophilized heparin for blood gas testing.
  • List the steps and equipment in blood culture collections
  • Discuss the aseptic techniques and timing sequence for the collection of blood cultures and the reasons for multiple collections.
  • Identify vascular access devices managed by nurses.
  • Explain how samples are collected from vascular devices when assisting the nurse during collection
  • Explain the special precautions and types of equipment needed to collect capillary specimen for ABG, or vascular arterial blood gases
  • Watch 1 Arterial Puncture Video

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