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Phlebotomy Technician

Anticoagulation Theory

Cost of course : $29.99

CEUs earned upon successful completion : 2


This course will cover anticoagulation theory including the basics of hemostasis, complications, disorders, tests involved in diagnosing the disorders and drugs used to treat them. This course will also cover anticoagulants used in blood collection equipment.

Upon successful completion of this course you will earn 2 Continuing Education Units.

You will be able to print your certificate immediately upon completion. The cost of this CDPH-LFS accredited course is $29.99.


  • Describe the phases of hemostasis.
  • Describe the categories of tube additives used in blood collection for patients having anti-coagulation therapy, list the additive and describe how the additive works
  • List the most common Hematology tests and the required specimen tube.
  • Describe basic coagulation and fibrinolysis processes.
  • List the most common Coagulation tests and the required specimen tube.
  • Describe the type of additional patient information needed for Coagulation tests.
  • List various types of anticoagulant therapy a patient may be receiving and what special precautions are necessary when collecting specimens from these patients.
  • List the anticoagulants used in blood collection for coagulation therapy and the mechanisms for preventing blood from clotting.
  • Identify how heparin prevents blood from clotting.

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