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Our online Phlebotomy continuing education program is fully approved and accredited by the California Department of Public Health-Laboratory Field Services.

Phlebotomy Technician

Blood Collection Equipment, Types of Tubes and Additives, Proper Order of Draw When Additives Are Required and Special Precautions

Cost of course : $29.99

CEUs earned upon successful completion : 2


This course will cover modern use of blood collection devices and equipment, tubes used in blood collection and the additives used. This course will also cover order of draw theory and special precautions used during venipuncture.

Upon successful completion of this course you will earn 2 Continuing Education Units.

You will be able to print your certificate immediately upon completion. The cost of this CDPH-LFS accredited course is $29.99.


  • List the three types of systems use for venipuncture and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each system.
  • Describe the various types of tourniquets, needles, their parts, sizing by gauge and length, common use, and safety features.
  • Identify the various supplies that should be carried on a specimen collection tray when a venipuncture or skin puncture specimen must be collected
  • Describe the categories of tube additives used in blood collection, list the various additives in each category, and describe how each additive works
  • List the most common laboratory tests and testing sections commonly associated with the different tube additives.
  • Describe the principle behind Order of Draw
  • List the Order of Draw for the evacuated tube system and the syringe system.
  • Compare different manufacturer suggestions for “Order of Draw”
  • Understand Carryover/Cross Contamination concepts.

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