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Our online Phlebotomy continuing education program is fully approved and accredited by the California Department of Public Health-Laboratory Field Services.

Phlebotomy Technician

Communication in Phlebotomy

Cost of course : $29.99

CEUs earned upon successful completion : 2


This course will cover advanced communication practices in phlebotomy in the healthcare setting. This course takes an in depth look at modern laboratory technologies and the laboratory environment. It includes techniques that will assist the phlebotomist in reducing job related stress, focuses on understanding personality types and how to approach difficult situations calmly and effectively.   


Upon successful completion of this course you will earn 2 continuing education units. You will be able to print your certificate immediately upon completion.


The cost of this CDPH-LFS accredited course is $29.99.



  • List examples of positive and negative body language
  • List skills for active listening and effective verbal communication
  • Identify the unique factors in healthcare and the laboratory environment which present customer service challenges.
  • Describe the behaviors and characteristics of professionalism as it applies to phlebotomy.
  • Apply basic concepts of communication, interpersonal relations, and stress management to phlebotomy
  • List the types of diversity present among laboratory customers.
  • Differentiate between internal and external laboratory customers.
  • List appropriate ways to resolve conflict situations.
  • Identify six ways to enhance the intra-laboratory communication network
  • Discuss effective verbal and nonverbal communication appropriate in the workplace.
  • List the typical reasons for telephone use by laboratory staff and the characteristics of good telephone techniques.
  • Describe how to prepare patients for testing, how to answer inquiries concerning tests, and what to do if a patient objects to a test.
  • Describe how to answer inquiries concerning tests, and the protocol for handling a patient's refusal to have a blood sample collected.
  • List the causes of stress in the work environment and discuss the coping skills and techniques used to deal with stress in the work environment.

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