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Our online Phlebotomy continuing education program is fully approved and accredited by the California Department of Public Health-Laboratory Field Services.

Phlebotomy Technician

Venipuncture Procedures

Cost of course : $29.99

CEUs earned upon successful completion : 2


This course provides instruction on blood collecting techniques and processing specimens. Emphasis is placed on the knowledge and skills needed to collect all types of blood samples from patients. Topics include: venipuncture procedure and safety, advanced techniques in blood collection, blood collection equipment and modern safety devices and equipment.

Upon successful completion of this course you will earn 2 continuing education units.

You will be able to print your certificate of completion immediately upon completion. The cost of this CDPH-LFS accredited course is $29.99.


  • List methods used to locate veins that are not prominent.
  • List the effects of tourniquet, pumping fist, and heating on venipuncture.
  • Describe proper needle insertion and withdrawal techniques including direction, angle, depth and aspiration for venipuncture.
  • List the correct order of steps for performing the venipuncture procedure with an evacuated tube system, the syringe system, and the butterfly system.
  • List common causes for the failure to obtain blood.
  • Describe the principle behind, and list the order of draw for the evacuated tube system and the syringe system.
  • Identify and describe the procedural errors that lead to the inability to obtain a blood specimen, and explain how to handle them.
  • Describe measures used to ensure patient safety in various patient settings, i.e., inpatient, outpatient, pediatrics, emergency situations, etc.
  • Describe unique requirements associated with drawing special populations including geriatric, pediatric, and long-term care patients.
  • Describe the procedure and rationale for post-puncture care of a venipuncture

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